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Growing up among the grapes

In control of his production from an early age, Francis devoted all his attention to his vines, the starting point for all the cuvées that he would subsequently present to loyal and demanding customers.

He quickly decided to practice sustainable viticulture, limiting inputs as much as possible, completely banning insecticides and adopting environmentally friendly practices in the vineyards. As such, Francis ploughs, uses natural grassing methods and even mating disruption to encourage the vine to thrive naturally. From pruning to harvesting, the vines receive careful and determined attention.

After putting in such hard work and showing patience, Francis is now reaping the rewards of his winegrowing choices and is noticing the extent to which gentler practices influence the organoleptic qualities of his wines. They are more alive, more expressive, and stripped of everything superfluous.

Haute Valeur Environnementale

At the end of 2018, Champagne Francis Orban received the top level HVE credential (HVE3), recognising Francis’s daily commitment to respecting the environment and constantly developing his approach. But beyond just the credential, achieving the HVE environmental value certificate is a way of rewarding Francis for his determination to find the most authentic way of expressing his terroir.