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The grapes in the vineyards of Leuvrigny and Sainte-Gemme are hand-picked by a team of “friends” who share the values and high standards of the Orban family.

The picking strategy for each harvest involves selecting the grapes at perfect ripeness when the balance between sweetness and acidity is reached. Rigorous grape selection during the harvest and pressing using an automatic Coquard without a membrane (which is kinder to the fruit), means that only the best fruit is retained. Intervention is kept to the strict minimum during vinification (very low dosage levels), which leaves the terroir to express itself in its purest, most natural form!

Reserve wines play an essential role in blends, bringing not only roundness but regularity to the wines as well.

By looking more and more precisely for the finest and best expression of the terroir – to truly enhance the wines – Francis explores the range of emotions he wants to share with his customers.