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Practical advice
and tasting notes


Champagne is not a wine to be kept for a long time. Once it has been bottled and sealed with a cork, it can be kept for around 5 years without deteriorating - on condition that you take certain precautions.

Champagne should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated area, ideally a cellar with an ambient temperature of around 12°C.

It should be stored in a horizontal position away from light that can alter its taste and flavours (knowned as “goût de lumière”), especially for Rosé champagne.

This is why it is advisable to store your champagne correctly.

Bottles of champagne should be handled with care, and should not be shaken, simply to avoid a surprise when opening them, especially since a bottle of champagne contains 6 bars of pressure, so take care not to injure yourself.


Champagne should be consumed chilled but never icy.

It should be put to chill at least three hours before serving. The bottom of a refrigerator is the ideal place to chill champagne.

A temperature of 8°C is recommended for most non-vintage champagnes.

For vintage champagnes or rosés, 10°C - 12°C is more suitable.

If short of time, you can place the champagne in a bucket with water and ice-cubes, and it will reach the desired temperature in fifteen to twenty minutes. Avoid putting it in the freezer – the extreme cold will modify its flavours.


Whatever type of glasses you use, they should not be washed in a dishwasher as this leaves traces of detergent that kill champagne bubbles.

If the glasses have been washed in a dish-washer, they should be rinsed in hot water and left to dry on a draining board.

Hand-washing with hot water is recommended.